Dayu Museum, A New Museum in Karanganyar

Dayu museum is a museum displaying artifacts and fossils of prehistoric men of Java. This museum is included one of Sangiran Museum’s cluster – there are some other clusters, such as Bukuran, and Krikilan – . Although it is a part of Sangiran Museum, this museum concerns more on layer of earth in prehistoric eras and what there inside it was.
Dayu museum is a new museum because it was officially open on October 19th, 2014 and is located in Dayu village, Gondangrejo, Karanganyar. It is about 14 kms to the north from UNISRI. It is easy to get there by using our own vehicle. Visitors may go to the way heading to Kaliyoso and exact before Kaliyoso market Visitors will see a direction to Museum Dayu on the left side, then they turn right, about 3 km. Besides using private vehicles, visitors can reach there by getting in a bus which heading to Kaliyoso then they can stop at Kaliyoso market and walk or take a motorbike rental (ojek) to the museum. Visitors can enter this museum by buying a Rp. 5,000.- ticket for each visitor.
This museum offers much information of prehistoric eras, especially about the layer of earth located in this very place. Visitors can find three layers on earth in Ancient Sangiran there, they are Bukuran, Kabuh and Grenzbank. Not only tourists can see but also touch the real soil from prehistoric eras.
It is a modern museum in Karanganyar, as visitors can learn by themselves by playing games in every layer. The games and information are in touch screen computers. Therefore, it is suitable for students who study about history or something dealing with prehistoric or even paleontology. Students or visitors can choose what layers they want to learn and they will get information they need by playing games or read some articles from researches and experts in those touch screen computers. The computers will explain the information in a video, e-books and games containing a lot of information. They can also see some examples of fossils provided in every layer.
This museum has two display rooms. The first is a diorama of a prehistoric life. Not only the visitors can see prehistoric animals such as buffalo, but also listen to the sound of an ambience of prehistoric life, a wild life where people hunted animals for their meal. The second display room is a place where visitors can see a fossil of prehistoric buffalo. There visitors can learn many things as almost the wall is full of touch screen computers. Below those computers are some drawers showing some small artifacts of hunting equipments from prehistoric men which were used to hunt and peel their preys. Visitors can select which computers that will explain a certain material or information. Those are some superiorities of this museum compared with other.
Different to other museums, Dayu museum has also some bungalows so visitors can take a rest or have discussions there. There is also a play ground, so children or students or visitors at younger age can play there. Dayu Museum has also rooms for seminars, so students or researchers may have seminars or discussions in it.
Although this museum has many superiorities but it is not famous yet. When Visitors say “Dayu”, people know as Dayu Park in Sragen. It is our job – not only the local government – to make it well known.
dayu museum

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