The best advice a friend ever gave me…

With great power comes great electricity bill.
Ms J Cochrane

The best way to make my dreams come true is to wake up!
Ms C Hatzis

Will it matter in ten years time? If it won’t, stop worrying about it now. If it will, do something now!
Ms L Edge

Always remember that somewhere, someone is happy with less than you have.
Ms D Moore

The happiest people are those who give without remembering and receive without forgetting.
Ms J Butler

You can’t control what people say about you, but you can control whether or not it’s true.
Mr S Shirley

Hitting rock bottom is OK because you have nowhere to go but up.
Ms MK Nodalo

Life is short. The earlier you start to treasure it, the earlier you can enjoy it. Instead of hoping for longevity, start to live life fully.
Ms Sarojini

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~ by agungsulis13 on August 15, 2013.

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