This never ending “machine” pumps life in our body. Find out interesting facts about the heart. Who knows… maybe some of them make your heart skip a beat.
 Two fits. That’s the size of your heart. A child’s heart is the size of one fist.
 All cells in our body get blood supply from the heart. Only the corneas of our eyes get no blood supply.
 Your heart has been beating since you were four week-old fetus.
 The longer a man’s ring finger is than his index finger the less chance he has of heart attack.
 The stethoscope was invented because a French doctor felt it was inappropriate to place his ear on his large-bosomed female patients.
 Squeeze a tennis ball hard. Your force or energy when squeezing the ball is as powerful as the force of your heart pumping blood out to the body.
 Your heart has enough pressure to squirt blood up to nine meters.
 The heart pumps blood at the speed of 1.6km/h through the aorta.
 The aorta is a pipe coming from the heart to distribute oxygenated blood. Its diameter is roughly the size of the garden hose.
 Your heart is a muscle. Like other body muscles, the heart needs exercise. A healthy hearts pumps more blood than a weak one. Walk or jog to keep it healthy.
 Brush your teeth and keep your gum healthy. Unhealthy gum releases bacteria into blood stream and increases to risk of heart disease.
 When the body is at rest, it takes eight seconds for blood to circulate from the brain and back. It needs sixteen seconds to the toes and travel back.
Taken from: Cool ‘n Smart Vol 10 No. 80 June-July 2011

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